Pony ORM Licensing & Pricing

Pony ORM uses the "multi-licensing" scheme. You can choose any of the following licenses:

  • GNU Affero General Public License 3.0, for open-source projects
  • Free, for non-commercial use
  • Personal license, for personal non-open source commercial projects
  • Enterprise license, for company non-open source commercial projects

If you need a commercial license, you can choose one that better suits your needs:

License Servers Price
Personal 1 server $30 Buy now
Small Enterprise 1 server $300 Buy now
Mid-size Enterprise 3 servers $750 Buy now
Large Enterprise 10 servers $2000 Buy now

The "server" means one instance of a physical or a virtual server. The Pony ORM license doesn't limit the number of cores per server. You can run as many processes with Pony ORM inside the server as you need. There are no restrictions on using Pony ORM on developer machines (when a developer works with Pony ORM running on the same computer).

The personal license is tied to a individual developer name and the enterprise license is tied to a company name.

Purchasing a license is a one-time payment. You are free to use the version you purchased on your web site indefinitely, there is no time limit. The license will also be valid for all version updates until Pony ORM version 2.0. However, after we release Pony ORM version 2.x, then using the new version will require a license upgrade.

Pony ORM Commercial License Agreement

Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions

Why AGPL? (and not GPL)
AGPL was designed in order to close the GPL's "loophole", when someone can use software over a computer network without violating GPL and hence without the necessity to publish the derived work in order to contribute back to the open source community.
How can Pony ORM be both open source and commercially licensed?
This is called "multi-licensing". There is a number of products which were released under such terms (examples include MySQL, VirtualBox, Berkley DB, NetBeans IDE, Asterisk and more). Since Pony ORM LLC holds all the copyrights to the Pony ORM code, we are free to choose the terms under which we license the code to our customers, or the open-source community.
Why multi-licensing?
We, like other companies, believe that multi-licensing gives both developers and users the best of two worlds. While anyone is free to look at the code and even improve it, commercial licenses give users a tool which speed-ups the development process and allows to achieve business goals faster. The commercial licenses support both our business and the open-source community, and vice versa.
Don't hesitate to ask! Email us at team ( at ) ponyorm.com